Face-Figure-Fight: Reducing Anxiety in Competitive Gaming

Article featured at MindGames.gg

Article featured at MindGames.gg

Did you know that holding a pencil between your teeth could make you a more confident player? Or that your posture could be contributing to increased stress while you play? We have all heard the phrase Mind over Body, implying that you can better your physical being or performance by having mastery over your mindset. But if you have a mind as stubborn as mine, then you need a trick (or 3 tricks) to get your thoughts on track when you are feeling nervous before or during a match. 

Although it is vital to motivation, self-improvement, and performance that you communicate with yourself in a productive way, it can be really difficult to do when you are feeling anxious. This is because productive self-talk requires a degree of calm and rational thinking that is often inhibited by intense emotion.

By manipulating your body and behavior you can lower your anxiety and make it easier to maintain a productive mindset. With just 3 little F-words, you can use the power of Body over Mind to become a more successful competitive gamer in the face of stress. All you have to remember is…

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